Reyap Hospital Istanbul, which has been serving patients from all over the world and Turkey since 2016, as the largest and most equipped private health institution in the area in the district of Esenyurt, Istanbul, enjoyed the happiness of celebrating its 5th anniversary.

Dr. Cahit Yüksel, Chairman of the Board of Reyap Hospital, also celebrated this beautiful day with the words: “My dear colleagues, As of October 17, Reyap Istanbul celebrated its 5th anniversary. In this seemingly short period of time, we have come a long way by achieving many successes. I owe everyone who walked shoulder to shoulder with us and contributed to this road a debt of gratitude. To many more years together.”

We always maintain our superior and high-quality service understanding to achieve better.

Reyap Hospital, which is the first hospital in Istanbul to obtain the TÜSKA-SAS Accreditation Certificate and also opens its doors to more than one million patients both international and native every year, continues to provide 24/7 service with its academic staff of physicians, experienced health care professionals and advanced technology medical device equipment.

We are establishing an international standard hospital chain.

Reyap Health Group, which started to provide service in Corlu in 2011 and Istanbul in 2016, is preparing to meet the people of Bahcesehir with its 4th hospital, while the construction of the 3rd hospital continues in Bodrum. With more than 11 years of experience and the principle of patient satisfaction, we continue to work to carefully meet all the needs and demands of our patients.  

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