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    The cardiovascular surgery department diagnoses and treats diseases of the heart, lungs, and other chest organs.
    The main fields of cardiovascular surgery are:
    • Adult cardiovascular surgery
    • Cardiothoracic surgery
    • Surgery for congenital heart problems
    • Heart and lung transplant surgery
    In Reyap Hospital cardiovascular surgery department, Professor Ercan Eren and Surgeon Alper Yüksel perform coronary bypass surgery, valve surgeries, large aortic vessel surgeries, leg arteries, and varicose surgeries, carotid (carotid artery) surgeries successfully. Patients are followed up in the intensive care unit before and after surgery, thus the success of the surgery and the health of the patient is guaranteed.
    Open-heart surgery
    A heart-lung machine is used in open-heart surgery in Reyap Hospital cardiovascular surgery department. During the surgery, the heart and lungs are stopped for a while. During this period, the heart-lung machine takes over the responsibility of these organs. After the necessary operation is done, these organs take over their duties again.
    Coronary bypass surgery
    Usually, three or more vessels are intervened in coronary bypass operations. The duration of the operations varies according to the number of vessels to be bypassed and additional interventions, but it usually takes about 4 hours. The patient wakes up 4 to 6 hours after being taken to the intensive care unit and disconnected from the respiratory support device.
    After coronary bypass surgeries, patients usually become able to meet their needs within 1 week and recover within 2-3 weeks.
    In coronary bypass surgeries, the patient’s chest, arm veins, and leg veins are selected as operation points.
    Heart valve surgeries
    “Mitral” and “aortic” valve surgeries are frequently performed in the cardiovascular surgery department of Reyap Hospital. Surgery for advanced age-related calcification in aortic valves is more frequently applied.
    Arrhythmia (atrial fibrillation), which is frequently seen in mitral valve surgeries, are treated by radiofrequency ablation. This method is applied in only a few clinics in Turkey.
    Valve repair methods are preferred in patients with mitral valve disorders. Mechanical valves with longer durability are preferred in valve surgeries.
    The same type of valves is also used in advanced age patients with a good general condition and long life expectancy. Biological valves are applied to young women who want to give birth or to elderly patients who would have difficulty in using blood thinners.
    Enlarged aorta surgeries
    Endovascular surgery (endostent) is preferred primarily in enlarged aorta surgeries. Stents that are 2-3 centimeters in diameter placed in the aorta, such as 1-millimeter stents attached to the heart vessels, are successfully placed. This procedure is carried out with the invasive methods of the radiology department. Surgical methods in which the entire aorta is replaced are also used in large aortic aneurysms.
    Operation of ascending aortic aneurysm
    It is a disease of enlargement and ballooning of the ascending aorta. Operation is recommended for aneurysms of 50 mm or more since the possibility of dissection and rupture development is high. It is the excision of the aneurysmatic vessel using a heart-lung machine under general anesthesia and an artificial vessel placement operation.
    Surgery leg arteries and varicose veins
    Varicose veins, a common vascular disease, are a venous disease, and surgery is performed on patients who cannot be treated with sclerotherapy. Successful bypass surgeries are performed on the abdominal aorta and leg arteries in the Reyap Hospital cardiovascular surgery department. Artificial veins are used in these surgeries.
    Sclerotherapy for varicose veins
    Sclerotherapy can be performed without hospitalization. In some cases, it can be used as a complementary therapy after surgery, or it is frequently used in the treatment of relapses. Micro varicose veins can be treated with the endovenous laser technique.
    Surgery for carotid artery disease
    The rate of the constricting disease of the carotid artery in patients with coronary heart disease is quite high (8-12%). Therefore, the carotid vessels of every patient over the age of 55 who should have coronary bypass surgery must be examined with color Doppler Ultrasonography.
    In patients with a stenosis of more than 70-80% before surgery, the carotid artery is operated on both before cardiac surgery and (in special cases) during cardiac surgery. In this surgery, the hard plaques narrowing the carotid artery are removed and the carotid artery is expanded with a patch if necessary.
    Our patients are usually hospitalized the day before the operation. During 2 to 5 hours of hospitalization breathing devices help the patient’s pulmonary function to run. After 1 day of hospitalization in the intensive care unit, and 3-4 days in the hospital room, the patient is discharged.

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