Cobas 6000 Analyzer Device

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Cobas 6000 Analyzer Device

Just as every patient needs specific treatment, every laboratory should have a unique system. Important measures and regulations are needed for the laboratory to operate effectively and at a remarkably high standard.
The COBAS 6000 analyzer series enables clinical chemistry and immunochemistry tests to be run from a single platform and a single serum/plasma tube in medium and medium-large capacity laboratories. With 7 different configurations it offers, it is configured according to the current needs of the laboratory and at the same time can grow according to future needs.
Cobas 600 advantages
Analyzers are devices that prevent unnecessary testing in laboratories and develop systems for a certain order. For this reason, an analyzer is needed in every clinic. Advantages of the Cobas 600 analyzer;
  • Efficiency and ease of use
  • More than 180 parameters in one platform
  • Ready-to-use liquid reagents
  • Security
  • Flexibility
  • Real emergency
With the Cobas 600, different chemicals and other properties in a large number of biological samples can be measured quickly with minimal human assistance. In this way, it enables more efficient use of the time in the clinic and to create a priority order.
It ensures safety through contact-free ultrasonic mixing, disposable pipette tips, clot detection, and liquid level detection.
Cobas 6000 has seven different configurations on a single platform.
Real emergency
With the integration of 9 minutes of EMERGENCY applications into the routine (Cobas e 601 modules) and automatic update function, the most up-to-date application, reagent, calibrator, and control information and values ​​are accessed online.
COBAS C 501 module features
As a member of the Cobas 6000 analyzer series, the C 501 can combine up to 95% of routine clinical chemistry and immunological testing workload into one integrated platform, automating and simplifying the lab workload. It also plays a role in making fewer mistakes in the clinic.
Features of the analyzer we use in our hospital;
  • Clinical Chemistry, ISE (Na, K, Cl), specific proteins, therapeutic drug level, addictive drug level tests
  • Speed ​​of 600 photometric tests/hour
  • HbA1c (a whole blood measurement)
  • 60 parameters on the system
  • Automatic reagent loading and removal while the system is running
  • Parameter specific serum indexes warning
  • Non-contact ultrasonic mixing eliminating the possibility of contamination
COBAS E 601 module features
Another member of the Cobas 6000 analyzer series, the E 601 empowers doctors and patients to make a difference, relying on the critical information needed to control the lab, improve financial performance, increase productivity and make vital decisions about healthcare every day. Features of this device;
  • Nearly 80 immunochemistry parameter menu consisting of anemia, bone markers, tumor markers, hormones, cardiac and infection parameters
  • ECL technology
  • 170 tests/hour speed
  • 9-minute tests for Hs Trop T, CK-MB, NT-ProBNP, Myoglobin, PTH, and hCG
  • 25 parameters on the system
  • Disposable pipette tips that eliminate the possibility of contamination
  • Clot and liquid level detection



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