Assoc. Dr. Kemal Korkmaz, M.D.

About Assoc. Dr. Kemal KORKMAZ

Department:   Cardiovascular Surgery
E-Mail Address: [email protected]

Foreign Language: English


Gazi University Faculty of Medicine (1994 - 2000)

Post Graduation Jobs:

Turkey High Specialized Training and Research Hospital and Cardiovascular Surgery Specialist - 2007

Kırıkkale High Specialization Hospital Operating Rooms Responsible Physician (2007-2009)

Kırıkkale High Specialization Hospital Cardiovascular Surgery Clinic Founder and Clinical Responsibility (2008-2009)

Military Service Ankara GATA (2009-2010)

Düzce University Faculty of Medicine, Cardiovascular Surgery Clinic Founding and A.D. Presidency (2010-2011)

Ankara Sample Training and Research Hospital Cardiovascular Surgery Clinic Founder (2011- 2017)

Ankara Sample Training and Research Hospital Cardiovascular Surgery Clinic Instructor - 2016

Private 100th Year Hospital Cardiovascular Surgery Clinic (January 2017-July 2017)

Private Medical Park Silivri Hospital Cardiovascular Surgery Clinic (2017-2020)

Reyap Hospital Istanbul (2020 - )

Scientific Studies:

He has 25 articles and case presentations published in international refereed journals and 30 articles and case presentations published in domestic journals. The number of international citations to these publications is 154.

31 papers-posters took part in congresses with international participation and 28 papers-posters that took part in domestic congresses.

He has chapter authorship in two books.

He served as speaker and session chair in scientific meetings.


Certificate of Appreciation: By Kırıkkale Provincial Health Directorate (For Founding of KVC Center in Kırıkkale Province and Initiation of Open Heart Surgeries)

Certificate of Appreciation: By the Rectorate of Düzce University (Due to the Founding of the KVC Center in Düzce Province and the Application of the First Successful Endovascular Aortic Aneurysm Treatment in the Western Black Sea)

Association and Organization Memberships:

Turkish Cardiovascular Surgery Association

National Vascular Surgery Association

Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery Association

Phlebology Association

Areas Of Interest:

Open Heart Surgery:

Coronary Bypass Surgeries (Standing-Working Heart), Heart Valve Surgeries (Change-Repair), Aortic Aneurysm (Ballooning-Expansion) Surgeries, Aortic Dissection (Tear) Surgery, Adult Congenital Heart Disease Surgeries (ASD, VSD, etc.), Cardiac Myxoma and Tumor Surgeries, Arrhythmia (Arrhythmia) Surgeries, Heart Aneurysm (Ballooning-Expansion) Surgeries

Endovascular-Angiographic Interventional Treatments:

Occlusive Peripheral Vascular Disease (Balloon, Stent, Atherectomy, etc.), Peripheral Vascular Aneurysms (Stent, Coil, etc.), Carotid Artery (Carotid Artery) Stenosis and Aneurysms (Stent), Aortic Aneurysm (Ballooning-Expansion) and Aortic Dissection EVAR-TEVAR for (Tearing), Pulmonary (Pulmonary artery) Embolism and DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis), Diabetic Foot Treatment (Balloon, Stent, Atherectomy, etc.)

Endovenous Ablation (Varicose Veins, Reticular Vein, and Telangiectasia Treatment):

Treatment of varicose veins and capillaries in the skin with non-surgical Endovascular (intravenous intervention) method (Radiofrequency, Laser, Glue, Sclerotherapy, etc.)

Stem Cell Treatments:

Treatment of Occlusive Peripheral Vascular Diseases, especially Buerger’s disease, that have no chance of treatment with surgery and endovascular intervention methods

Peripheral Vascular Surgeries:

Intraabdominal great veins and leg vein by-pass surgeries, embolectomy (intravascular clot removal), traumatic vascular injury surgeries

Carotid Artery (carotid artery) Surgeries:

Carotid (Carotid) Body Tumor Removal, Carotid (Carotid Artery) Aneurysm, and Fistula Repairs, Endarterectomy for Carotid Artery (Carotid Artery) Stenosis

Vascular Access Surgeries (for Dialysis):

Arteriovenous Fistula Opening for Dialysis, Fistula Revision, and Fistula Closure