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    Biochemistry, which means “chemistry of the living”, examines the chemical substances in the structure of all living things and the chemical processes that happen.
    Clinical biochemistry is a branch of science that researches biochemical mechanisms in the body at the molecular level, helps physicians in determining the causes of the disease, diagnosis, and treatment processes.
    Clinical laboratories are also very important in preventive medicine. Healthy individuals can have various tests, and according to the results of these tests, they can take measures to prevent possible diseases.
    Devices in our biochemistry laboratory
    The modernity of devices found in the biochemistry laboratory is a factor that ensures the test results are sensitive and accurate. For this reason, we include modern devices in our clinic and have them maintained periodically. Devices in our clinic;
    • ROCHE c501 Cobas 6000 series autoanalyzer
    • ROCHE e601 Cobas 6000 series autoanalyzer
    • ROCHE e411 Cobas 4000 series autoanalyzer
    • SYSMEX Xn-1000 SA-01 Hemogram
    • TCOAG brand Desting Plus Model Fully Automatic Coagulameter
    • STAGO brand Start 4 Model 4 Channel Semi-Automatic Coagulameter
    • CONNECTORS Bilirubinmeter BR-501
    • Centrifuges
    • Microscopes
    By using these devices, the composition of body fluids, secretions, and tissues in their normal and pathological circumstances are analyzed.
    Tests performed in our biochemistry laboratory;
    The laboratory performs a wide variety of different biochemical tests on complete blood, serum plasma, and other biofluids using various types of equipment, from the most conventional to modern systems. Laboratory activities are dispersed among several units, each representing a separate field:
    Emergency biochemical laboratory
    It provides 24 hours, 365 days service for emergency tests. The emergency laboratory mainly conducts electrolyte, enzymes, gas, and pH tests on complete blood and body fluids and other emergency tests such as Troponin I HS, BNP, Procalcitonin, Lamictal, Lactate, Ammonia, and BhCG.
    The service is intended for emergency services and other hospital departments.
    The routine blood test unit
    Tests performed in this unit include monitoring of kidney, liver, and heart function, specific proteins, lipid proteins, iron indices, and bile acid.
    Immunology unit
    This unit performs various immunology tests by ELISA Method (ANA, APLA, ENA).
    Endocrinology and cancer marker unit
    Various hormonal blood tests are performed for infertility treatment, real-time PTH monitoring, βHCG testing, and hormonal monitoring of the pituitary and glands. It is also responsible for testing various cancer markers.
    Clinical pharmacology unit
    It performs a wide variety of therapeutic drug monitoring in the blood and includes monitoring antibiotics and anti-seizure medications.
    Routine urine testing
    It includes routine urine testing (including microscopy) and testing of various fluids.
    Special tests
    Some special tests are performed such as G6PD, IgE, CTX (bone metabolism measurement), total homocysteine (CVD, CAD indication), and FLC (kappa and lambda chain for diagnosis and monitoring of Multiple Myeloma).



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