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    The value that a hospital gives to the patients health can be recognized by its investment in intensive care units.
    Reyap Hospital Istanbul consists of a general intensive care unit, 5 isolation rooms, and a total of 32 beds.
    Each bed has been created with an understanding based on the health, comfort, and safety of its patients and is equipped with world-class technology.
    Our unit serves this understanding by its location. Patient transport from the emergency department, operating rooms, and patient services to intensive care can be done extremely quickly and safely. Thus, in any emergency that may occur in these units, the patient can quickly reach intensive care.
    Our unit also has a very important place for healthcare services due to the vital support it provides to all critical patients.
    Intensive care service has shown great progress in recent years with the contribution of advanced technology. Intensive care units are effective on the developments in the average life expectancy of societies.
    Versatile teamwork is really important for intensive care services to function well. It is not possible to provide effective and quality life support and treatment in the intensive care unit without the support of all surgical and internal branches, a highly advanced technology laboratory and imaging (computed tomography, magnetic resonance, ultrasonography, etc.) center for 24 hours. For this purpose, we work in coordination with relevant units. The multidisciplinary effort is the key.
    In our intensive care unit, where optimal support can be provided for all critically ill patients from the first age, all serious cases can be effectively intervened immediately.
    Our intensive care unit serves with its experienced staff for 24 hours. Our patients are followed by a one-to-one nurse with intensive care experience, and their treatments are carried out by experienced intensive care physicians. In the intensive care unit, there is no compromise in the scientific and ethical approach.
    There is an artificial respirator at each bedside and all patients can be monitored with the most advanced techniques. To provide better quality service in our unit, innovations are constantly followed and in-unit training is organized constantly.
    Intensive care units are the departments where infection control should be applied most meticulously. Patients with high-risk factors for infection stay in these units. It is possible to reduce the possibility of infection with very strict precautions.
    The most important of these precautions is the training on infection control. In our intensive care unit, continuous in-service training is provided for infection.
    Our employees and our management pay utmost attention to all activities required for hand hygiene, which is the first step and most important parameter of infection control. In our unit, which is under the constant control of the infection control team, it is seen that our infection precautions are highly qualified compared to the intensive care units of other countries, thanks to the careful work and effort of all our employees.
    Diseases that are treated in our unit;
    • All types of traumas (head trauma, chest trauma, severe fractures, etc.)
    • Brain hemorrhage,
    • Strokes,
    • Severe respiratory failure,
    • Sudden or persistent renal failure (intra-unit dialysis and hemodiafiltration)
    • Nervous system diseases (Myasthenia Gravis, Guillain Barre, etc.)
    • Serious infections,
    • Post-operative surgery patients,
    • Post-operative transplant patients,
    • Poisoning,
    • Severe injuries
    • Severe burns
    The general intensive care unit has all the technical and personnel support that can immediately respond to these and many other critical diseases.



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    We offer high-level comfort to patients and their relatives with a suite room, corner suite, private patient room and intensive care beds.

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