Arcadis Orbic C-Arm Skopy

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Arcadis Orbic C-Arm Skopy

Arcadis Orbic C-arm fluoroscopy, which has 190 degrees of mobility, is the most suitable device for intraoperative applications in orthopedic, trauma, and spine surgery.
This device, which collects high-resolution 2D images in 30 seconds and 3D images in 60 seconds, is designed to support the entire clinical workflow from patient registration to image documents.
What is a C-arm scope? (C-arm x-ray)
C-arm fluoroscopy device is designed to be used in endoscopic studies in all types of surgical environments such as orthopedics, traumatology, general surgery, urology, and neurosurgery. It is an x-ray device that provides real-time (instant) screening. C-arm fluoroscopy, which can view many deep areas (abdomen, etc.), also shortens the operation time. Besides, it does not cause any deformation in the human body.
What are the application areas?
The fluoroscopy device is especially used in knee replacement, hip replacement, and bone fracture surgeries, and foreign body removal operations such as lead by orthopedics and other surgical physicians.
Features of C-arm fluoroscopy device
The imaging process can be done digitally with higher quality, less radiation, and faster, and the images obtained can be stored, reproduced, and processed in a computer environment.
The C-arm scope is a fluoroscopy device that is a mobile x-ray device, provides high and instant images at a low dose. It also shortens the operation time.
It is an extremely safe product developed to meet modern needs. While cassette radiographic studies can be performed with C-arm fluoroscopy, intense continuous fluoroscopy, pulsed fluoroscopy, one-shot fluoroscopy, boosted (high dose) fluoroscopy, low dose fluoroscopy functions can also be performed.
How does the C-arm scope work?
There is an X-ray tube at one end of the arm of the C-arm fluoroscopy device and a recording system at the other end. The X-rays created by the X-ray tube are passed over the area of the patient to be viewed and the image is obtained by dropping them on an X-ray sensitive film.
C arm is a fully mobile system attached to the ceiling or floor. The horizontal movements of the C arm provide ease of shooting at different angles.
Thanks to the arm that can rotate 360º in X and Y axes, it allows giving the desired position in the horizontal and vertical axis. The system is completed with a patient table and monitors that can be moved in all directions, called floating tables.
The device is operated through an easily accessible control console. The panel has two liquid crystal indicators and has a highly reliable electronic system. The system is completely controlled by microcapsules.



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