Armeo Spring – Robotic Arm Rehabilitation

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Armeo Spring - Robotic Arm Rehabilitation

Making patient positioning quick and easy, Armeo Spring offers a variety of self-initiated and repetitive therapies to increase patients’ range of motion (ROM) and selective control.
Self-directed exercises motivate the patient to intensively practice concentration and coordination.
Arm weight support
The ergonomic and adjustable arm support is an exoskeleton with integrated springs. It covers the entire arm from the shoulder to the hand, enhancing all functions and neuromuscular control, assisting active movements in the large 3-dimensional workspace, and balancing the patient’s arm weight with equal strength.
The pressure-sensitive handgrip can be used for exercises, a computer interface for software and computer games, and functional training of daily activities.
Enhanced performance feedback
Armeo Control for Armeo Spring includes a large library of games that are motivating and enlightening, and include movement exercises supported by a virtual-reality training environment that fully demonstrates functional tasks with direct performance. Motivational and self-starting exercises include proximal and distal components and specifically relate to:
  • Grip and release
  • Pronation/supination (bending in and out)
  • Wrist flexion/extension (bending and stretching)
  • Stretch and undo functions
Besides, determining the amount of movement and function facilitates the intense grasping and releasing exercises in the early stages of therapy.
Assessment tools
Besides functional exercises, the system includes exercises specifically designed to determine the patient’s coordination and motor skills. Embedded sensors record active arm movements in each joint during all therapy phases. Performance information records the best results to document and evaluate the patient’s progress to support optimal therapy and decide the appropriate degree of difficulty in the next treatment phase.
Advantages of robotic arm rehabilitation
Armeo Spring, which provides safe recovery of hand and arm function, provides a long-term solution thanks to the many advantages it offers to patients.
Self-initiated movement therapy
By providing arm weight support, Armeo Spring allows patients to use their remaining motor functions and encourages them to perform more reach and grasping movements according to specific treatment goals.
Simultaneous arm and hand therapy in the 3D workspace
Armeo Spring allows for simultaneous arm and hand training in a comprehensive 3D workspace with six degrees of freedom. This enables patients to practice movements that are important to their treatment progress and daily life.
Ergonomic exoskeleton
Armeo Spring’s ergonomic and adjustable exoskeleton holds the entire arm from shoulder to hand and balances the weight of the patient’s arm. Built-in sensors record active movements and all joint angles during the therapy session.
Motivating exercises
A comprehensive library of motivational game-like augmented performance feedback exercises is designed to train basic movement patterns commonly used in daily life activities. Immediate performance feedback motivates patients and helps to develop their motor skills, providing greater independence in the daily routine and therefore a better quality of life.
Increased therapy efficiency
Armeo Spring offers higher training efficiency thanks to self-directed therapy, which can provide longer-term results. This is possible by reducing the need for continued therapeutic guidance. Besides, patients can reach their goals faster because they can exercise outside of working hours and on weekends.
Target patient evaluations
Armeo Spring precisely records how patients performed during therapy sessions. The results can be used to analyze and document the patient’s condition and treatment progress to optimize therapy.



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