EPX-4550 HD Endoscopy Tower

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EPX-4550 HD Endoscopy Tower

The EPX-4550 HD endoscopy tower allows the diagnosis of all kinds of diseases and conditions in the areas observed by endoscopy, thanks to the impressive HDTV resolution images of the monitor.
Besides, the high brightness and extraordinary brightness of the monitor enable the finest details to be recognized, so that endoscopy can be used for interventional purposes, for example for the treatment of diagnosed diseases during the procedure.
High image quality
The latest EPX-4500 HD video processor, a fully digital processor with full HD 1080p resolution, delivers excellent HD picture quality to the latest technology standard. With its network connection and digital DVI outputs, this processor is equipped to meet standard technical requirements.
HD imaging endoscopes combine a maximum resolution of 1.3 million pixels with excellent image quality and a comfortable ergonomic design.
  • High definition images thanks to Full HD output and Super CCD technology
  • Three preset FICE modes
  • Compatible with full HD large monitors
  • Compatible with USB storage devices
  • Anti-blur function for documenting sharp images
  • XL-4450 light source with a powerful 300 W Xenon lamp for the most efficient illumination
What is ERCP?
ERCP (Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography) is an intervention in the bile ducts opening into the duodenum (duodenum) with a specially produced endoscope. This intervention can be applied for diagnosis or treatment.
How is ERCP done?
With endoscopy, the esophagus and stomach are passed through the mouth and the duodenum is reached. The millimetric bile duct opening in the duodenum is entered with a thin cannula inserted through the endoscope and a contrast material visible from the x-ray device is introduced into the bile ducts.
Meanwhile, abnormalities such as stones, tumors, and stenosis in the bile ducts are recognized, thanks to the image obtained with the x-ray device. If intervention to the bile ducts is considered, the entrance of it is widened by electrically cut through electrocautery with another cannula with a wire at the end.
For example, if there are gallstones, the basket or balloon catheter is passed through the endoscope and the stone is caught or removed. In cases such as tumors or stenosis that prevent bile flow, this stenosis can be removed with a balloon, or a stent is placed in the stenosis area to provide bile flow.
The procedure usually takes 20-30 minutes. After a successful procedure, the patients return to their normal life the same day or the next day.
In which situations is ERCP done?
The most common reason for ERCP is the bile duct stones. It is applied to relieve the obstruction caused by the stone falling from the gallbladder to the main bile duct.
Apart from this, bile duct and pancreatic tumors, biliary stricture, leakage from the bile ducts (especially after surgical interventions), some pancreatic diseases are ERCP indications.
Are there any alternatives to ERCP?
Surgical intervention is also applied as a treatment method in the above-mentioned diseases. However, surgical intervention has the risk of complications, and also, after open surgical intervention patients need to be hospitalized for days.



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