Neuronavigation System

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Neuronavigation System

The navigation system, that allows tumor staining, shows the exact location of the tumor and the shortest and safest route to the tumor before starting the operation.
Therefore, the operation time is significantly shortened and the risk of complications is minimized. Reyap Hospital is one of the few hospitals that use this technology in Turkey.
Defining the localization and extent of lesions is critical for safe maximal resection (removal) of the brain and spinal cord tumors. Neuronavigation systems have been developed for image-guided neurosurgery to aid in the correct resection of brain tumors.
The purpose of the navigation device is to create a link between digital image data and the anatomical structure, thus providing increased 3-dimensional orientation. Modern navigation systems provide approximately 2mm of accuracy.
Applications of neuronavigation device
The purpose of image-guided neurosurgery is to accurately reflect computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data to the operating field to identify anatomical landmarks, pathological structures, and tumor margins. Thereby, the neuronavigation system provides accurate information about the tumor and vessels during surgery.
Its main clinical applications in modern neurosurgery are;
  • Localization of small intracranial lesions
  • Skull base surgery
  • Intracranial endoscopy
  • Functional neurosurgery
  • Spinal navigation
  • Localization of small intracranial tumors
Localization of small intracranial tumors is currently the most common application of navigation technology in neurosurgery for adults and children. Thanks to the system that defines these tumors with a sensitivity of 1.5 mm, excision of the tumors become easier and safer.
Skull base surgery
Critical anatomical structures are found in the skull base. This is particularly true for endoscopic skull base surgery, where surgeons work within millimeters of neurovascular structures. For this reason, the operation must be performed with a neuronavigation system.
Intracranial endoscopy
Navigation helps correct localization of important anatomical structures such as the carotid artery or cranial nerves, especially if the tumor is in a deep location. Navigation preserves the structures of the inner ear, reducing the possibility of hearing loss and/or tinnitus after surgery.
Neuronavigation can also be incredibly beneficial in endoscopy and can help the surgeon create more detailed surgery plans.
Functional neurosurgery
The main purpose of neuronavigation in functional neurosurgery in the treatment of Parkinson’s diseases and epilepsy. The success rate of the treatment of these diseases increases with the correct determination of the target.
Spinal navigation
There are some characteristics regarding anatomy navigation in spine surgery. The spinal cord is much more flexible and therefore depends on the patient’s position. Skin markers cannot therefore be applied. For this reason, computer-aided navigation has vital importance in spine surgery.



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