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ZEISS Humphrey Alan Analiz Cihazı 3

3 Tesla MRI is a device that helps to diagnose and treat the tumor with the rapid images it provides in brain surgeries as well as for imaging the whole body.
Thanks to the ability to obtain images during surgery, the surgeon can perform examinations in a sterile environment without waking the patient and closing the operation area at any point he/ she needs.
This means that the surgeon has an idea of the size and location of the tumor, even in hard-to-reach areas. The 3 Tesla MRI can be completed in one step without the need for a second operation. It reduces the operation’s side effects by allowing the surgeon to remove the residues in one surgery.
Features of 3 Tesla MRI
3 tesla MRI is at least 2 times stronger than MRIs with a lower magnetic field. Thus, reliable and high-resolution images can be obtained quickly. 3 Tesla MRI has many advantages over other imaging methods.
Provides accurate data
Provides healthier data than low tesla MRIs. With the 3 Tesla MRI device, it is possible to obtain high resolution and fast data both during and after the surgery compared to the low tesla MRIs used before. The device performs with a strong magnetic field and works with the method of receiving more signals from tissues by creating twice the magnetic field strength compared to the 1.5 Tesla MRI device used before.
Works fast
High magnetic power MRI works faster. This is especially important during brain surgery. By evaluating the images during the surgery, the success rate of the surgery increases.
Eliminates the risk of a second surgery
Various risks may arise in operations performed without the use of intraoperative MRI. In surgeries performed without MRI, tumor remains cannot be detected because they are too small to be seen with a microscope or because they are the same color as the brain tissue. However, the probability of residual in brain tumor surgeries due to these reasons is around 30-40%.
After the operation, the patient is taken to the intensive care unit, and with the MR image taken after 24 hours, precise information about whether there is any residue is obtained. If a residue is detected in the MRI, a second surgery decision is made. However, thanks to the use of 3 Tesla MRI during the operation, the remains are immediately noticed and there is no need for a second operation.
It reduces the probability of residue in the brain
Thanks to the 3 Tesla MRI device, the possibility of residue in the brain after the operation is reduced. It reveals all the remains that can be missed and thus the correct data is provided for the surgeon to clear these remains.
One of the dire consequences of residual residue is that there is a risk that the tumor will grow back from these residues. It is possible that the growing tumor not only reduces the quality of life but also threatens the patient’s life again. With the destruction of the residues, the metastasis time of malignant tumors increases.
Operation area is determined accurately
Since the brain has a very sensitive structure, the surgeon must act with great care during surgery. Therefore, it is important to determine the areas where the tumor, small residues, and vascular anomalies are located very well.
However, at this point, the surgeon faces another important problem. When the skull is opened, the brain is displaced slightly. Therefore, considering the pre-operative MR images, there is a risk of processing the wrong area. In this case, even a small mistake can reduce the patient’s chances of treatment.
The 3 Tesla MRI device, which can be used during the operation, eliminates the risk of operating in the wrong area.
Eliminates surgical side effects
It is possible to easily detect functional areas of our brain such as ‘speaking’ and ‘moving the opposite side of the body’, the proximity of the fibers attached to the brain to the tumor, and how much pressure they put on that point during the surgery, with an intraoperative 3 Tesla MRI device.
The connection between the tumor and the fibers can be checked by performing MRI at any point needed during surgery. In this way, severe risks such as paralysis or speech disorders are eliminated.



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