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Clinical Psychology Department of Reyap Hospital provides professional services for persons who have mental and behavioral psychological difficulties. Treatment methods are performed in our department for issues such as anxiety, depression, psychosis, personality disorder, eating disorders, addictions, learning difficulties and family or relationship problems.

Our psychologists, who work carefully in the analysis, prevention and treatment of mental disorders, firstly aim for their counselees to achieve the life standards they want. Our specialists, who help persons discover their strengths and weaknesses with various treatment methods, provide to make their counselees’ lives more livable by assimilation of their sense of self and creating awareness in persons’ lives.

Our psychologists continue their work without compromising the principle of confidentiality between them and their counselees. In addition, our department provides psychological support to our inpatients and their relatives, together with their medical treatment, for oncology, obesity, plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery or other departments that are needed. Our specialists help our counselees by using scientific methods and techniques and help them solve their problems. In Clinical Psychology Department of Reyap Hospital, psychiatrists are referred when necessary.

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