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Emergency Service Department of Reyap Hospital provides 24/7 non-stop service by our specialist physicians. Our ambulance team with their fully equipped vehicles are ready in front of the emergency service to provide all kinds of patient transfer from inpatient and outpatient needs. Our ambulance provides non-stop service for 24/7. Our Emergency Department is applied by many different causes of illness and injury. In addition to our physicians on call, other physicians arrive our hospital as soon as possible when they are called for emergencies related to their branches.

In our emergency service, we have all kinds of technical equipment and physical infrastructure that can intervene in every patient at world standards. In our hospital’s emergency medicine clinic, our patients are questioned about their complaints in order of triage; blood pressure, pulse, fever, respiratory parameters of the patient are recorded and accepted.

In our hospital, which provides 24-hours emergency and ambulance service, there are newborn intensive care unit (3rd step) with 29-beds (with incubator), cardiovascular surgery intensive care unit (3rd step) with 6-beds, coronary intensive care unit (1st step) with 6-beds, general intensive care unit (3rd step) with 14-beds and 6 contact isolation rooms. Reyap Hospital Corlu provides service with a total of 157 beds, including 102 clinical beds and 55 intensive care unit beds, designed with maximum patient and patient relatives comfort in mind.

As Reyap Hospital, we aim to provide respectful, polite and as much as possible the highest quality clinical health care service in a devoted environment. We always welcome you to provide all kind of care in our emergency service by the staff who are experienced in their field.

Our Featured Emergency Department Applications

After the increase in the density of the emergency services, this unit is divided into three as red, yellow and green zones by the Ministry of Health. The diseases intervened within the scope of the emergency service are as follows within the frame of the definition of triage categories:

Diseases within the Scope of the Red Zone Unit

Diseases within the Scope of the Yellow Zone Unit

Diseases within the Scope of the Green Zone Unit

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