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The Cardio Vascular Surgery (CVS) Intensive Care Unit deals with the continuous follow-up and support of vital functions of the patients who have had or will have cardiovascular surgery. In order to provide quality service to the patients, the most modern devices are used in our unit and the devices are periodically renewed by closely following the current technological developments. In addition, our unit is designed ergonomically without compromising the safety and the comfort of the patients. In our CVS Intensive Care Unit, we successfully carry out the necessary follow-up and treatment planning of our patients by the team consisting of cardiovascular surgeons, thoracic surgeons, anesthesiologists, intensive care specialists, physiotherapists and intensive care nurses.

On the monitors in our unit, the number, rhythm of heartbeats, (ST analysis of the EKG when necessary), arterial blood pressure (systolic, diastolic, mean), percentage of oxygen saturation in the blood, respiratory rate, body temperature, ETCO2 when necessary; parallel to these, hourly bleeding, urine output, respirator parameters and arterial blood gas analysis at regular intervals are constantly monitored. In our unit, a medical (Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump) pump or ECMO can be applied to patients with heart failure. In renal failure, hemodialysis and ultrafiltration are possible when necessary.

Our CVS Intensive Care Unit treats our patients not only as a monitor and laboratory parameters; evaluates the patient’s other illnesses, psychology (fears, worries, hopes), personality, culture, family, social environment and problems as a whole. For this reason, our team carefully approaches the patients with their knowledge, experience, logic and instinct, empathy, humanity, love and other virtues.

Our hospital informs patients and their relatives about their treatments, and our translators provide information to our foreign patients in their native language. At our unit, we provide the most up-to-date and effective treatments to provide our patients with the best possible outcomes. Our goal is to control your disease, change its course and determine how we can reduce symptoms and rehabilitate you.

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