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Hand and Microsurgery Center of Reyap Hospital, cares about the part of body that starts from the shoulder and extends to the tip of the finger which is called the upper extremity. Hand and Microsurgery Center treats patients who have hand injuries caused trauma and various accidents, upper extremity and surgical intervention needed.

Hand and Microsurgery Center Team consists of orthopedists, experienced specialists in physical therapy and plastic surgery. It provides service in all problems concerning the arm area such as suturing partially or completely severed extremities resulting from work, traffic and home accidents, eliminating congenital problems and post-surgical recovery processes.

Hand and Microsurgery Center has been organized at international standards by using the most current technological facilities. Operating rooms, which work 24 hours in emergencies, provide non-stop service in treatment and care of the patient with post-operative intensive care units.

Hand and Microsurgery Center of Reyap Hospital is always with you for a healthy and quality life. As a center that gives confidence, happiness and health, it continues to make a difference in the field of hand and microsurgery with its specialist staff which do their job well and technological infrastructure.

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