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Our Otorhinolaryngology Department diagnoses and treats the diseases that occur in the head, neck, ear, nose and throat. The surgeries are successfully performed by our experienced team. In our department, diseases are treated at the polyclinic level, and surgical and aesthetic procedures that require more comprehensive intervention are also performed in our department.

In our department, apart from basic diseases such as headache, chronic cold, sinusitis, sore throat, tinnitus, discharge, inflammation and snoring, sleep apnea, mass detection in the head and neck region, thyroid and parathyroid diseases and tumor detection are performed. All kinds of procedures that require surgical intervention such as salivary gland diseases and tumors, head and neck tumors, rhinoplasty, treatment of hearing loss and eardrum fall within the scope of our Otorhinolaryngology Department. In addition, tonsil and adenoid problems, which are common in children, are diseases that fall within the scope of our Otorhinolaryngology Department. The application of the devices or prostheses needed for the treatment of hearing impairment is also performed by our department.

Facial paralysis, ear nerves disorders and aesthetic disorders are among the applications that our Otorhinolaryngology Department successfully treats. All endoscopic surgery and balloon sinus surgery (functional endoscopic sinus surgery) related to all nasal diseases, deviation surgeries (Septoplasty), functional nose aesthetics (septorhinoplasty), nasal concha surgeries (partial concha resection/endoscopic concha bullosa opening), nasal polyps and sinusitis diseases, tear duct obstruction surgery (endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy) is performed in our Otorhinolaryngology Department.

Our department, experienced specialists, nurses and technicians, who act with a meticulous and devoted sense of duty, provide service for patients of all age groups as needed. Our experienced physicians ensure that the services they provide before and after the operation, as well as during the operation, maintain an excellent level.

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