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Perinatology Department of Reyap Hospital provides follow-up and management of high-risk pregnancies. In addition to the developments in the field of genetics, advances in ultrasonography technology, which plays a very important role in the examination of the fetus, and invasive interventions have made the field of Perinatology (high-risk pregnancy) one of the indispensable branches in our hospital.

In our hospital, a healthy pregnancy for the mother and the baby (fetus) in the mother’s womb, scanning and treatment of the mother and fetus for possible medical problems that may arise during pregnancy are successfully performed in our Perinatology Department. In Perinatology Department of Reyap Hospital, we work in cooperation with gynecologists and obstetricians in the follow-up of risky pregnancies.

In Perinatology Department of Reyap Hospital, we try to eliminate the complications that occur during pregnancy with our specialist staff and modern technological equipment. In addition, we successfully perform the most current diagnostic and treatment approaches in cases such as the presence of chronic disease in the expectant mother, growth retardation and various anomalies in the baby, the risk of premature birth, multiple pregnancy, recurrent pregnancy loss. We are pleased to provide you all the opportunities offered by modern medicine with an evidence-based approach.

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