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Our Robotic Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center deals with the treatment of loss of function and movement that may develop differently in people. The treatment and rehabilitation processes of diseases, trauma, painful conditions or congenital acute and chronic problems in the musculoskeletal and nervous system are performed in our center. Our center, which provides the highest level of treatment in the form of a synthesis of classical approaches and new technological approaches, offers our patients a holistic treatment approach in which treatments such as pain injections, prolotherapy and PRP are also performed. In addition, physiotherapy program is applied to our patients who are treated for various reasons and especially those who have undergone surgical operation in other departments of our hospital (intensive care, cardiology, chest diseases, neurology, orthopedics and cardiovascular surgery).

In our center, today’s most advanced and safe technological methods are performed in the field of physical therapy and rehabilitation. The lokomat (walking machine) treatment, which consists of a combination of robotic walking orthosis and treadmill, is one of the most competent practices in our device track, which we use for our patients who cannot walk. Our robotic lokomat therapy practice plays an important role in the rehabilitation of neurological diseases and damage such as MS, Cerebral Palsy, stroke, spiral cord injury, traumatic brain injury.

Our Robotic Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center successfully performs diagnosis and treatment procedures for loss of function and movement in different age groups from childhood to adulthood. As Reyap Hospital, we are at your side with our experienced physician staff and the treatment options our staff offers based on evidence-based medicine practices.

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