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Our Newborn Intensive Care Unit intervenes in the probable problems of our newborn babies in an accurate and rapid manner and works to increase their chances of survival. In our unit for preterm babies, the conditions in the mother’s womb are created outside and they are ensured to complete their development, while babies with health problems receive emergency interventions and the babies are constantly monitored in our unit.

In our unit, there are high-tech respirators and incubators, imaging systems (transfontanelle USG, ECHO, EEG monitoring and radiography) applied without disturbing the comfort of our babies, and monitoring facilities where vital functions are closely monitored. Providing the conditions including optimal heat and humidity, light and noise levels for our newborn babies, as well as the maximum application of hygiene and sterilization rules are among the prominent features of our Newborn Intensive Care Unit.

Our Newborn Intensive Care Unit is equipped with technology that provides vital support to critical babies 24/7 with its multidisciplinary approach, and provides service with its experienced physician and nurse staff. In our Newborn Intensive Care Unit, not only babies born in our hospital, but also babies who need intensive care and were born in another institution are accepted. In terms of infection control measures, our unit is closed to visitors except for parents.

Our Newborn Intensive Care Unit enables the vital support it provides to our babies who are at vital risk, with a multi-faceted teamwork. We provide service to our babies with our friendly and dynamic team throughout the entire intensive care process, and we always stand by our patients and their relatives.

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