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Nutrition and Dietetics Department of Reyap Hospital, acts with the purpose of getting individuals adopt healthy eating habit with specialist staff. Our department provides service with evidence-based applications and provides effective treatment methods that respect the patient’s preferences.

Our Department, which provides nutrition and diet counselling in a wide range of area from nutrition to vegetarian nutrition in Chronic diseases, from childhood to adulthood, from pregnancy to breastfeeding period and old age, provides service to its counselees with new and scientific informations. Our department applies personalized nutrition program, and special educations are given to counselees for continuity and behavioral change.

In addition, our Nutrition and Dietetics Department manages the nutritional processes of the patients treated in our hospital, if needed, during the treatment process. Before and after various bariatric surgery applications performed for the treatment of obesity, our nutritionists are in constant communication with our patients and perform the necessary follow-ups.

In Nutrition and Dietetics Department of Reyap Hospital, the nutritional habits of the person are examine into detail at the first examination. First, the body fat, muscle, water ratio and the current fat distribution in the body are recorded. Then, a personalized nutritional treatment is planned in accordance with age, height, gender, physical activity and blood findings, and the person is followed up regularly.

Our Featured Nutrition and Dietetics Department Applications

Weight Loss

Special Conditions and Nutrition

Nutrition by Age

Behavioral Eating Disorders

Medical Nutrition Treatment in Diseases



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