Reyap Hospital offers you the best service with the technological infrastructure it uses in cancer diagnosis and treatment “to improve your quality of life”. All medical devices used in Reyap Hospital for diagnosis, treatment, patient care and patient safety consist of important internationally recognized brands. The use of advanced technological devices in cancer treatment greatly affects the correct treatment of the disease. The advanced technological devices used provide valuable information for radiology and nuclear medicine specialists.

Low radiation and high speed imaging

PET-CT is an advanced technological imaging method created by the combination of positron emission tomography (PET) and computed tomography (CT). PET-CT plays an active role especially in the field of oncology. With PET-CT imaging method, which has low radiation and high-speed scanning of the body from beginning to end, early diagnosis of cancer, treatment planning, staging, detection of recurrences, determination of metastases, planning of radiotherapy treatment and evaluation of treatment success are performed.

Effective results in a short time in radiotherapy

Varian TruBeam is a radiotherapy treatment method based on the “targeted irradiation” principle. By focusing on the cancerous cell in radiation therapy technologies, it is ensured that the healthy cells are least damaged. Equipped with robotic imaging, automatic patient positioning, motion management and a control system that dynamically synchronizes the treatment, Varian TrueBeam delivers a high degree of beam to the patients in a short time, reducing the session and session time.

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