Our companion policy; It is determined by targeting the health of our patients and their relatives and that our patients receive the best and safest health service. Apart from the main policy, the clinic and the doctor may set different rules. Our companion policy is listed as follows:

  • Whether the patient needs a companion or not is determined by the patient’s doctor.
  • Limited to one accompanying person.
  • The companion should not be with the patient during the visit and medical care.
  • The companion assists the patient’s care to the extent permitted.
  • The companion must comply with all the rules set by the hospital.
  • In cases where it is inconvenient for the patient and the patient’s relatives, there is no need for companion support.
  • In some clinics, such as intensive care units, there is no companion application.
  • Apart from these main rules, there may be differences in the companion policy of each clinical patient according to the medical indication.
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