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Internal Diseases Department of Reyap Hospital provides services about the diagnosis, treatment and control of all kinds of diseases with its experienced specialist staff. Internal Diseases Department is one of the most detailed and comprehensive departments of Reyap Hospital. In our department, all patient groups over the age of 15 are provided with world-class services in evaluation, investigation, treatment and follow-up. Internal Diseases Department of Reyap Hospital admits patients within the scope of the emergency service until 12.00 pm. Internal Diseases Department of Reyap Hospital; evaluates its patients after the tests and imaging (ultrasonography, magnetic resonance and computed tomography, laboratory tests, endoscopic examinations, etc.) requested by our specialist team are performed accurately and quickly.

Internal Diseases Department of Reyap Hospital is the point of reference for all acute and chronic problems, from febrile diseases to weight problems, from kidney disease to liver disease. Diseases such as hypertension, lower and upper respiratory tract diseases, diabetes, thyroid, kidney and intestinal diseases come forward as the most frequently applied problems of our patients in the field of internal diseases. Internal Diseases Department of Reyap Hospital works in coordination with other departments in the cardiac, respiratory (lung-kidney-liver and blood diseases) problems of all cases pre and post-surgery.

It is the general principle of our department to evaluate and treat patients as a whole in an objective way and to direct them to the necessary specialist. After the examination and investigations of the patient, the patient is referred to the relevant units (gastroenterology, endocrinology and metabolism diseases, rheumatology, hematology, medical oncology, general surgery, thoracic surgery…) by an internal diseases specialist when deemed necessary.

Our team aim to provide respectful, polite and as much as possible highest quality health care in a devoted environment. Our team provide service that our patients receive the best possible care, and wants to carry you to a healthy future with a unique care. As Internal Diseases Department of Reyap Hospital, we know that early diagnosis is of vital importance, and we provide service with the awareness of carrying you to the future in a healthy way.

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