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Nuclear Medicine Department of Reyap Hospital is concerned with the use of small amounts of radioactive and radioformazotic substances in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and the monitoring of the distribution of these substances in the body. Applications in our department are performed under the supervision of our nuclear medicine specialists through advanced technological devices and nuclear medicine technicians. The examinations performed in our department give detailed information about the structure and functions of the organs and are used to guide the treatment of the disease. Nuclear medicine investigations are used in many different diseases such as cancer, infection, vascular occlusion, metabolic disorders, kidney disorders, brain diseases, and age-related changes.

In Nuclear Medicine Department of Reyap Hospital, cardiovascular system, tumor, pulmonary system, central nervous system, infection and inflammation imagings; urea breath test and intra-operative sentinel node biopsy can be performed. We are committed to providing the best service, quality and results in the field of nuclear medicine imaging methods and treatment applications. Regardless of the stage of your life, Reyap Hospital is here with the physicians who know you, care about you, and the most current diagnostic methods.

Our Featured Nuclear Medicine Department Applications

Respiratory System

Central Nervous System

Cardiovascular System

Skeletal System

Gastrointestinal System

Infection Imaging

Nuclear Hematology

Nuclear Oncology Treatments

Nuclear Oncology

PET/CT Imaging (with 18F-FDG or 18F-NAF)



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