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Radiology Department of Reyap Hospital, which acts with the latest technology devices and the most current treatment methods at world standards, is one of the most comprehensive units of our hospital. Our Radiology Department, which makes use of imaging technologies with sound, radio waves and X-rays in the diagnosis process of diseases, performs invasive procedures accompanied by imaging techniques during the treatment process of our patients.

Radiology Department of Reyap Hospital plays a vital role in making many medical decisions concerning our patients. Therefore, our department works in active cooperation with all our other branches during the treatment of our patients. Our Radiology Department provides service with 1.5 T MR, 128 CT with detector, digital flat panel angiography, digital mammography, digital x-ray, the latest ultrasonography devices and a strong radiology staff, each of whom is specialized in their own fields.

The images obtained from the systems working with completely digital technology in our hospital are archived in a healthy way in the digital environment. In addition, patient comfort is prioritized in imaging applications in our department, and infant and pediatric patients are safely scanned with child-friendly dose applications.

In Radiology Department of Reyap Hospital, we are committed to providing the best service, quality and results in the field of imaging methods and treatment applications. Regardless of the stage of your life, Reyap Hospital is here with the physicians who know you, care about you, and the current diagnostic methods.

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