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    Dermatology is a branch of science that diagnoses and treats skin diseases, venereal diseases (diseases transmitted by sexual contact), hair, nails, oral mucosa, and tongue diseases. It also covers cosmetics and aesthetic dermatology.
    Skin is an amazing organ. It is your first line of defense against diseases, it protects your other organs, warms and cools you, and sends messages about how healthy you are inside.
    Dermatologists are specialist medical doctors surgeons with unique skills and experience to provide the best care for the organ that cares about you.
    The diseases that dermatologists treat
    A dermatologist is a medical doctor who specializes in the treatment of skin, hair, and nails. Dermatologists treat people of all ages, from newborns to the elderly. A dermatologist can identify and treat more than 3,000 conditions.
    A dermatologist’s task can be divided into three categories. These; are medical, surgical, and cosmetic. Below, we have listed the applications of dermatologists for diagnosis and treatment.
    • Diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases
    • Searching for fungi and parasites with a light microscope
    • Mole examination
    • Wood light examination
    • Ingrown toenail treatment
    • Cryotherapy (ice treatment)
    • Electrocautery
    • Allergy test
    Puncture test (Prick test)
    Patch test
    • Botox
    Face, neck, Decollete Botox
    Botox for treating excessive sweating
    • Fillers
    Hyaluronic acid
    • Mesotherapy
    Vitamin injection (Mesolift)
    Hair mesotherapy
    Youth vaccine
    Salmon DNA Vaccine
    • PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)
    • Dermapen treatment
    Skin renewal applications
    Ablative skin rejuvenation (Fractional CO2 laser)
    Non-ablative skin rejuvenation (Fractional erbium glass laser)
    Non-ablative skin rejuvenation (Nd-Yag laser)
    PRP (skin rejuvenation with Platelet Rich Plasma)
    Chemical peeling
    Dermapen treatment
    • Skin tightening and pore reduction
    Skin tightening with mesotherapy
    Skin tightening with gold needle radiofrequency
    Dermapen treatment
    Spot treatment
    Spot treatment with fractional laser
    PRP (Skin rejuvenation with Platelet Rich Plasma)
    Chemical peeling applications
    Superficial peelings (glycolic acid, pyruvic acid, salicylic acid, lactic acid)
    Medium peelings (TCA, cosmelan, dermelan)
    • Laser hair removal
    The device we use for laser epilation is the Duetto MT EVO Laser Platform with combined technology. Thanks to this technology, which allows the use of Alexandrite Laser with 755 nm wavelength and Nd: YAG Laser types with a wavelength of 1064 nm, each laser type or both can be used together according to personal needs.
    • Laser capillary treatment
    Capillary treatment with Nd-Yag laser
    • Laser acne, surgery, and scars
    Fractional non-ablative erbium glass laser
    Fractional ablative- CO2 laser
    • Nail fungus treatment with laser
    Diagnosis and treatment methods in the dermatology department
    Dermatologists, who can diagnose more than 3000 skin, hair, and nail problems, use different diagnostic and treatment devices for this.
    Wood’s light examination
    Wood’s light examination is to differentiate fungal and eczema diseases. It is used to diagnose vitiligo and to detect the depth of skin spots.
    Dermatoscopy is a device used for examination and follow-up of moles. This method gives an idea about the benign nature of moles and what type of mole it is.
    Allergy test
    In our clinic, skin tests, skin biopsy, fungal search tests are also used in the diagnosis of allergic diseases.
    Treatment for hair and nail diseases
    In our dermatology outpatient clinic, hair diseases such as ringworm (tinea), male and female hair loss, scalp eczema, and other diseases that cause nail disorders such as nail fungus, ingrown nails, and psoriasis are treated.
    Cosmetic interventions
    In our dermatology department, besides skin diseases, cosmetic applications such as botox and filler applications, chemical peeling, mesotherapy, derma roller, and PRP are also applied.
    Botox applications are for wrinkle and excessive sweating treatment.
    Filler injection is applied to give volume and shape to the lips, to give fullness and volume to the cheeks, and to treat wrinkles by filling the inside.
    Mesotherapy is a method that provides the targeted result by applying a mixture of various vitamins and elements under the skin with the help of fine-tipped needles. It treats cellulite, hair loss, and also, facial sagging by its lifting effect.
    PRP treatment is the process of separating the cells of the blood taken from the patient with a special process and injecting it back into his/ her skin by using needles.
    Dermaroller application is used to tighten the enlarged pores and remove acne scars. It is applied using a cylindrical tool with a large number of small diameter needles and special solutions.
    In chemical peeling, special acids are applied to the skin by the doctor for treating the patient’s complaints. Peeling solutions are used for spot treatment, removal of acne, and blackheads. It is also used in the treatment of general signs of aging. The method and duration of application vary according to the complaint. 6 to 8 sessions are required for complete results.

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