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Dermatology Department of Reyap Hospital, provides services related to the diagnosis and treatment of hair, nails, oral mucosa and sexually transmitted diseases. It provide services in dermatological examination, follow-up and treatments with its specialist physician staff and modern technological methods.

Human skin, which can have many types of diseases due to being the largest organ in the body; may be indefensible to external factors. On the other hand, some diseases on the skin can cause aesthetic and cosmetically undesirable appearances, and problems in the physical appearance of people can even cause psychological problems. The skin, which provides water balance, acts as a shield against ultraviolet rays from the sun, keeps body temperature in balance, and most importantly, provides the continuation of vitality, is extremely important for human life. That’s why, dermatologists take part in the diagnosis and treatment of many other diseases as well as these disorders.

Dermatology Department of Reyap Hospital, provides current treatment options for allergic skin diseases, excessive sweating, Behçet’s Disease, sexually transmitted diseases, skin infections, skin tumors, drug reactions, psoriasis, hair diseases, nail diseases, urticaria, vitiligo, sebaceous gland diseases and burns. In addition, necessary applications are performed in the field of cosmetic dermatology in the department.

Dermatology Department of Reyap Hospital, provides non-stop and complete service with its large and experienced staff by using the latest technological devices in the light of current scientific information.

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