Oral and Dental Health Center

Donanımlı alt yapımız ve alanında profesyonelleşmiş diş hekimlerimiz ile dünya ağız ve diş sağlığı standartlarına uygun olarak tedavilerimizi sizlerle buluşuyoruz.

Anesthesiology and Reanimation

Our experienced doctors and nurses ensure that the services they provide before and after the surgery, as well as during the surgery, are maintained at an excellent level.

Nutrition and Dietetics

Our department implements a personalized nutrition program, and special trainings are given to clients for continuity and behavioral change.

Biochemistry Laboratory

All studies in our laboratory are carried out under the supervision of technological equipment in accordance with international standards and specialist physicians.

Pediatric Surgery

In our department, newborn anomalies known before birth or appearing after birth and all diseases requiring surgery are treated.


While our department provides preventive health services to children who do not have any disease, it also provides outpatient and inpatient treatment services to sick children.

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