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Diabetic foot is the most common complication of diabetes that causes disability, loss of limbs and wounds, and causes the longest hospitalization period. However, diabetic foot is a preventable complication of diabetes. Reyap Hospital applies the most up-to-date scientific treatments to diabetic foot complications with specialist physicians, by breaking new ground in this field, by establishing a center serving only this field under its roof.

In our Chronic Wound and Diabetic Foot Treatment Center, we can evaluate the disease from various aspects and save people from loss of limbs, and become a beacon of hope for patients with serious infections due to foot wounds. Our center is one of the few centers at the forefront in terms of both the number of beds and its facilities among the very limited number of institutions serving in this field in our country.

Many branches of medical specialty work together under the roof of our Chronic Wound and Diabetic Foot Treatment Center. Infectious diseases and clinical microbiology, orthopedics and traumatology, cardiovascular surgery, aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery, radiology, endocrinology and other branches, which are indispensable for such centers, are ready for diabetic foot treatment in our center. In our center, both diagnosis and treatment planning are carried out at the same time with an interdisciplinary approach, without visiting more than one clinic for the patient with diabetic foot problem. Thus, our aim is to produce fast and accurate solutions for our patients.

The aim of our center is to draw attention to the problem of diabetic foot in diabetics, to increase the quality of life of patients, to reduce complications and to reduce personal and social problems caused by diabetic foot. If you also have a diagnosed diabetic foot disease or if you have undiagnosed deformities in your feet, you can apply to our hospital and undergo a detailed examination, and you can find out at what stage your disease is by undergoing the necessary diagnostic examinations. As a result of the evaluation of the findings to be obtained by specialist physicians, you can determine your treatment plan and start the necessary applications in the early period, thereby recovering from the complications of the diabetic foot

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