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In Coronary Angiography Laboratory of Reyap Hospital, X-ray imaging of the heart vessels is provided. All the studies performed in our laboratory are performed under the supervision of cardiologists who are specialists in their fields and technological equipment in accordance with international standards.

In Coronary Angiography Laboratory of Reyap Hospital, radio-opaque dye is injected into the heart vessels and the vessels are rapidly monitored with X-ray device. During imaging, the degree of occlusion in the heart vessels of our patients is determined and balloon/angioplasty is performed by our specialist physicians if necessary.

In Coronary Angiography Laboratory of Reyap Hospital, coronary angiography is performed to patients in cases such as unexplained pain in the chest, jaw, neck or arm, increasing chest pain (unstable angina), presence of congenital heart disease, heart failure, other vascular problems or chest traumas, heart valve disease requiring surgical intervention and presence of complaints such as chest pain (angina) suggestive of coronary artery disease.

In addition, if a different non-cardiac surgery is performed on our patients and there is a risk of cardiac problems during the operation, coronary angiography can be performed before the procedure. Besides that, cardiac tests such as electrocardiography, echocardiography or exercise test are performed in our laboratory before coronary angiography procedure.

As Reyap Hospital, we aim to provide respectful, polite and highest quality health care services in a devoted environment. We try to provide that our patients receive the best health care, and we welcome you with a unique care.

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