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In Coronary Intensive Care Unit of Reyap Hospital, patients who are at serious life-threatening risk for heart disease are followed up. In Coronary Intensive Care Unit, patient who have life-threatening risk can be intervened immediately and specialists provide 24-hours non-stop service. In Coronary Intensive Care Unit, patients who have a heart attack or are at risk of having a heart attack, as well as patients who are in shock due to a heart disease and need support, who have rhythm problems or who have rhythm disorders that require intervention, are treated. In addition, patients who are treated in Reyap Hospital for non-cardiac diseases and who need to be followed closely in terms of cardiac situations are also treated in unit. Moreover, patients who have performed heart surgery generally spend two days in Coronary Intensive Care Unit of Reyap Hospital during their recovery process.

Coronary Intensive Care Unit of Reyap Hospital is equipped with the latest technology and modern devices, and ECG, blood pressure, pulse, blood oxygen level, respiratory loss, body temperature measurements are continuously performed for each patient in unit. These measurements are also monitored synchronously from the main center. In the electrophysiology room of our unit, temporary battery can be performed to the patient in need at any time, and patients in need of respiratory support can be followed closely at any time by being connected to the respirator.

Coronary Intensive Care Unit of Reyap Hospital enables the vital support it provides to patients with life-threatening risk, through multiple teamwork. We provide service to our patients with our friendly and dynamic team throughout the full intensive care process, and we always stand by our patients and their relatives.

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