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General (Internal and Surgical) Intensive Care Unit of Reyap Hospital, patients who have severe life-threatening risks are treated. In General Intensive Care Unit of Reyap Hospital, great importance is attached to high quality equipment, personnel specialty and hygiene in order to minimize the life-threatening risk of patients treated. Patients are observed 24-hours with highest technological devices in unit.

Advanced laboratory tests, digital x-rays and ultrasonography investigations are performed for all our patients hospitalized in our unit, as well as computerized tomography and magnetic resonance services are provided with equipment support. In addition, in our unit, mechanical and pharmacological life supports such as breathing devices in beds, advanced technological monitoring systems, continuous dialysis with kidney machines that can be used instantly when necessary are ready.

Intensive Care Unit of Reyap Hospital enables the vital support it provides to patients who have life-threatening risks, through multiple teamwork. We provide service to our patients with our friendly and dynamic team throughout the entire intensive care process, and we always take sides with our patients and their relatives.

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