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Our Medical Oncology Department provides services on drug treatment processes and follow-up plans for patients diagnosed with cancer. Depending on the treatment needs of our patients, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, hormonal therapy, supportive treatment, pain treatment, psychological support and nutrition services are offered in our department. Treatment and follow-up plans of our patients diagnosed with cancer in our hospital are given at periodic meetings with the joint participation of the disciplines. Comprehensive treatment options are created for our patients in our hospital within the framework of a multidisciplinary approach, in cooperation with the relevant surgical unit, radiology, pathology, nuclear medicine, internal units and radiation oncology departments.

In our hospital, all kinds of treatment methods are carried out by trained and experienced oncology nurses, clinical psychologists and nutritionists. The entire treatment process is monitored and coordinated as a whole by our specialist physicians. Our Medical Oncology Department applies effective doses of drug therapy by controlling the side effects that may occur in our patients at the same time, and never compromises on this practice. In addition, different from conventional chemotherapy, smart drug applications targeting the tumor are applied individually in our hospital.

In our Medical Oncology Department, our patients benefit from our effective, modern and convenient hospital infrastructure and regain their health with all kinds of up-to-date treatment options. In addition, while making treatment decisions of our patients, advanced imaging techniques in cancer technology are used and we perform our applications with advanced modern surgical methods.

As Reyap Hospital, we use the most up-to-date and effective radiation treatments and technologies to provide our patients with the best possible results. Our goal is to take control of your disease, change its course, determine how we can reduce symptoms, and rehabilitate you.

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