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All studies performed in our Microbiology Laboratory are carried out under the supervision of specialist physicians and technological equipment in accordance with international standards. Our Microbiology Laboratory conducts studies on the fields of bacteriology and virology. In other words, microbiological studies determine the disease-causing microorganism itself or some structures of the microorganism.

In our laboratory, samples taken from our patients are examined and analyzed under appropriate conditions in order to diagnose diseases, and guiding tests are carried out in the diagnosis and follow-up of infectious diseases with blood and all kinds of tissue samples of the patients. We act with the principle of correct diagnosis and correct treatment, and we find the efficacy and side effects of all types of diagnosis and treatment with our analyzes.

Studies carried out in our Microbiology Laboratory have a critical role in medical processes. The results determine the diagnosis and treatment processes. Therefore, the most important priority of our laboratory is quality and we follow international standards for the tests. We aim to contribute to your life with the laboratory services we provide, and we continue our studies with a multidisciplinary research model.

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