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Our department deals with kidney, ureter, bladder and urethra diseases that occur in all age groups of men and women. Diseases diagnosed by our expert physicians are successfully treated with appropriate medical and modern surgical practices.

Specialist physicians and experienced health workers are employed in our Urology Department, where the diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to the male reproductive system and urinary system, as well as disorders due to anatomical or physiological reasons, are carried out. On the other hand, the urology system covers the reproductive and excretory systems, especially in men. In women, the Department of Urology mostly deals with diseases of the excretory system. However, for our female patients, the reproductive system and the excretory systems should be examined as a whole. For this reason, our urology and gynecology specialists work together in our hospital.

Kidney stone treatment with camera system (retrograde intrarenal surgery-RIRIC), closed kidney stone surgery (PNL system), kidney stone breaking with holmium laser with the help of flexible ureteroscope and ESWL operation (lithotripsy) are among the practices performed in our Urology Department. In addition, diseases diagnosed with the most up-to-date technological methods in our hospital are treated with endoscopic applications, open or laparoscopic surgical operations.

In our department, we have practices for the early diagnosis of cancer as well as the treatment of urological cancer patients. In our Urology Department, we provide uninterrupted and complete service with our large and experienced staff, using the latest technological devices in the light of up-to-date scientific information.

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